Tuition Academy

The Vale of Atholl Tuition Academy provides free tuition for young aspiring Pipers and Drummers through out renowned Tuition Academy. Under the tutelage of Principal Instructors Gary Nimmo and Scott Campbell, and with a fantastic support network of distinguished instructors, we have a structured learning platform thats fully supported with additional video content, weekly lessons and the support of a full band of musicians meaning you will have plenty of tools to help you learn.

Traditionally we accept new members from around the age of 8 years old, with the first point of contact being Gary Nimmo who will be more than happy to assist. You can contact him at

Our Passion

We have spent countless years developing a robust structured programme that carefully provides support for learning with a clear path to development and success. A huge part of this is our clear stepping stones from the first day of picking up a practice chanter or drum sticks, learning the fundamental scales and rudiments before working your way into the performance band, and eventually the competition band.

With regular public performances locally as well as nationally, there will always been goals and aims throughout your tuition journey, and we’ll be right there with you to help!

Our Goals