Novice Juvenile Band On the March

The Vale of Atholl Novice Juvenile Members played this evening for the first time at the Pitlochry Recreation ground. Joining alongside members of the established Grade 3 & Grade 4 bands, the first seven new members looked fantastic wearing the bands McNaughton kilts, and performing for the full evenings performances.

The entire Highland Night event lasts around 90 minutes, and more information on them can be found here.

The bands Novice Juvenile band is overseen by Principal Instructor Gary Nimmo, Drumming Instructor Scott Campbell and includes a fantastic team of dedicated instructors. Gary added;

“The commitment of the youngsters who have worked incredibly hard over lockdown and since we have returned to get to this point has been inspiring. To take the tough last 18 months and to get through it all, and to be able to field a new band has been absolutely fantastic”

“The Tuition Academy has been designed and set up to give kids a platform to perform, improve, excel and progress and being able to get this first lot of kids playing is the start of some exciting times to come for the band”

The Vale of Atholl’s Tuition Academy is always open to members, whether they are looking to start playing pipes or drums for the first time, or already playing and eager for a new challenge with new members. We’d love to hear from you, and our principal instructor can be contacted at

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