Entries open to Vale’s annual junior competition, 2024

Our popular junior competition will take place as usual at Pitlochry High School. The date is Saturday, January 20.

Full details below (a downloadable Word document of the entry form is at the bottom):


7 thoughts on “Entries open to Vale’s annual junior competition, 2024”

  1. Can I enquire roughly what time the different events will be. Just trying to work out logistics of if my children can compete. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jemma, it’s extremely difficult to guess the times as it’s entirely dependant on the number of entries we receive and we’re still receiving them currently. What categories are you intending to enter your children for?

  2. Gary Menzies (Dad)

    Name: Lewis Menzies
    DOB: 28/03/1985
    Address: 9 Clovis Duveau Drive, Dundee, DD2 5JA
    Email: gazmenzies@me.com
    Tel: 07515823213
    Event Number: 11
    Amount paid to bank: £5
    Name of Band: City of Discovery and 6th/8th Boys Brigade

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