• 2017 performances and results building momentum...

    Scottish Championship – 29th July:

    Grade 4s made the final for the fourth consecutive Major though missed out on the prizes this time round. The Grade 3 band continued their strong season with a 5th place.

    A very solid run by the Grade 1 band saw them finishing up 8th overall, with the drum section once again being placed in the top six, again for the fourth consecutive Major!

    European Championship – 24th June:

    Another successful championships on Saturday... this time the Europeans. Congratulations to our Grade 4 band finishing 6th and to the Grade 3 band coming 3rd in their grade.

    Well done also to the Grade 1 band hitting a 2nd place for drumming!

  • The Vale 2017 competition season gets off to a great start

    British Championship – 20th May:

    A fantastic result for our three bands at the British Championships on Saturday 20th May 2017.

    The Grade 4 they finished 5th out of 34 bands and got a 1st in piping from one of the judges in the final, at the same competition our Grade 3 band came 3rd in their grade and the Grade 1 band hit the top 6 for drumming.

    Ards and North Down Pipe Band Championship – 13th May:

    Our Grade 1 band had a great day at this competition in Bangor, Northern Ireland, coming 2nd in their grade.